Repair your Damaged Pool Tables cheaply

Fix your game room damages

You spend your hard earned money in setting up a nice game room or recreation room for your homes, which holds a table tennis table or pool table, foosball table or other games only to see you have a damaged legs, broken supports, moving parts, loose fasteners and what not.

Damages can range from being small to very big. The small ones like tiny cracks may not hurt your equipment in the short run. But over a period of time, they may become the cause of a breakdown. But it’s the big one’s you need to worry about and take actions immediately.


Consider a damaged pool table for example:-

A pool table is pretty expensive and costs you around 1000 to 2000 bucks and you would want it to last for at least 5 years to make it worthwhile. So, it’s important for you attend to the smallest of the damages caused to your pool tables. Major damages can put your pool table out of order and they can occur during shifting of the table from one place to another or due to some other accidents.

Some major damages can include:-

  • Broken support legs
  • Broken rails
  • Tiny holes on the pool slate if its wooden
  • Bent pool slate if it is of metal, can also occur in wooden slate.
  • Dampening of the wood used in the construction
  • Broken supports connecting legs and top surface of table

As mentioned, before these damages can occur due to some accidents while transportation or can also be manufacturing defects. Either way, these damages can put your mind into the thought of buying an entire new pool table. Obviously some of the damages should be pre checked before buying the pool table, but for the other ones which are unfortunate and cannot be prepared for, it can become a hardship.


What to do for such damages?

We at PWDB believe that no damage is irreparable.

And we believe that because we have a dedicated team of people we call “the fixers” from so many different field who are capable of fixing anything that seems out of order. We have a team who specialize in fixing game equipment too. Our good friend has been a pool table installer in his earlier part of the career and has immense knowledge about potential damage to game room stuff and how to fix them. So do not worry if you have the worst of damages in your game equipment because we have people to solve your problems at very affordable prices.

Fix your cheap and affordable pool tables through PWDB!


Check out the video below:-

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